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Wireless and Commercial Development
219 S. Wooddale Ave
Eagle, ID 83616
Phone:  208.938.8844
Fax:  208.938.8855
Email:  info@powderriverdev.com



Location: Nationwide Positions

Company is seeking experienced wireless site acquisition managers. We are seeking individuals who have experience in identifying, leasing, and zoning wireless cellular sites.

Essential responsibilities include the following (other duties may be assigned):

  • Complete SCIP and provide site background information: Site address and site legal information; Landlord information; Zoning and permitting analysis; land use regulations, land use entitlement, Site type & Structure type; Proposed BTS equipment type; Proposed antenna elevation; Commercial power and telephone utility availability; Local Exchange Carrier (LEC); Commercial power company; Verify microwave path Line of Site (LOS) with Engineer; Digital photographs at antenna elevation if possible facing True North and all (3)-three antenna azimuth orientations; Digital photograph of commercial power and telephone minimum point of entry (MPOE); Digital photograph of lease space; Digital photographs of any potential RF propagation hazards, trees, buildings, cranes, etc.
  • Obtain E&T Agreement
  • Update clients database with all candidate information
  • Negotiate Real Estate Documents and coordinate all meetings and correspondence with landlord, attorney, board, association or agent.
  • Coordinate Design Visit with A&E Construction RF Engineering necessary for permit requirements and to verify microwave path line of site (LOS).
  • Obtain a fully executed Lease Agreement
  • Complete all necessary leasing documents as per Clients instructions
  • Negotiate all terms and agreements as per Client’s guidelines
  • Review all non-standard business terms with Project Manager and non-standard legal terms with Client legal.
  • Ensure all antenna requirements have been clearly identified including BTS, GPS, and M/W.
  • Ensure all necessary title searches have been obtained
  • Obtain all necessary signatures and initials from all parties.
  • Obtain completed and signed W9 forms
  • Ensure all lease exhibits, zoning drawings, photo renderings, and construction drawings have been reviewed and signed by the landlord (if required)
  • All contracts executed and lease package submitted to Client.
  • Knowledge of local land use regulations
  • Ability to obtain land use entitlements
  • Coordinate and attend pre-application meeting with jurisdiction to verify code interpretation and application requirements
  • Zoning application package completed & submitted
  • Obtain Landlord approval in advance
  • Submit complete application as described in ordinance
  • Attend all public meetings and zoning hearings
  • Coordinate with Client for professional testimony
  • Coordinate and attend community meetings to educate and diffuse issues before formal council meetings
  • Obtain zoning approval
  • Submit to Client a copy of the complete amended application, staff recommendation, and approval notification
  • Submit building permit package
  • Track building permit
  • Ensure permit does not expire for 6 months
  • Confirm all pre-inspections have been completed or arranged
  • Coordinate meeting with landlord to verify construction start and to validate construction windows
  • Verify any site access restrictions with landlord
  • Provide all documentation for turn over packages to client


To apply for this job, please email us at info@powderriverdev.com



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